What I Really Meant To Say

I meant to say, I love you, Mom. I was eleven and lying on the living room floor, and she was falling apart. Crying about life, about the difficulty dealing with my youngest brother. She poured out her heart, and then she had to go.  "I love you," she sobbed.  "Bye." The cold cruelty in… Continue reading What I Really Meant To Say

Why Life Hurts

I have a sister I've not met. We know each other through words on a screen and the occasional photo. We are close to the same age but have lived wildly different lives.  She is the person behind  Our Lady Of Lust And Grace http://www.ourladyoflustandgrace.com On Facebook, and her blog is the first I ever… Continue reading Why Life Hurts

Crashing Waves

https://youtu.be/8ZL1fSCTkdo I feel my soul in those rocks,  Standing against the onslaught. Eventually everything is eroded,  But for now, I stand,  Eventually everything is washed away and worn down to grains of sand Rage, I yell to the ocean,  Give me all you've got Give me all I can take I will stand, as it… Continue reading Crashing Waves