Glass & Gale pt IV

The sunlight through the clear stone was warm. The cub moved the stone side-to-side and watched the light change color. Red, yellow, green, blue, the cub lay on his side and pushed the stone with his paws. 

As the light turned yellow again, the cub heard something from above. Looking up into the trees around him, he spotted the falcon from the willow tree sitting on a branch high above the forest floor. The falcon watched him, unmoving. 

Their eyes locked and the cub felt something pass through his body, warmth spreading from his chest to his legs. Time seemed to stand still as the wolf and falcon gazed at each other. 

Pain shot through the wolf cub’s paw and his eyes darted quickly down. The clear stone had light shining through it, and where the light fell on some fallen pine needles, a bright red burst of heat was growing. 

Jumping back, the wolf cub watched in horror as the flame consumed the needles and started reaching up the nearby tree. The heat grew intense, billowing out from the flame and leaping up the tree trunk. 

One burning tree became two, then three. The fire seemed angry, lashing out at all of the world. 

The wolf cub ran. 

The fire chased. 

Reaching his pack’s den, the cub started howling and barking at his family. 

“Go! We must go!” 

His packmates looked at him as though he were mad and started yipping at him. 

“Why?” “What happened?” “What’s wrong?”

“What did you do?”

The last question was growled from the throat of his sire. A huge black and grey wolf, the pack leader stood a few paces away, hackles raised. 

What did you do?” 

The cub shrunk away, fearful of his sire’s anger. He had seen many times his sire challenged by other wolves, and every time the challengers had limped away bleeding, or died. 

“Fire,” the cub whined. “It comes.”

Sniffing the air, the pack leader stared the cub down. “What part of this do you own?”

“The clear stone, it let’s light through, and-”

A sharp growl cut off the rest of his words, and the pack leader leapt toward the cub. Bowling him over with a shoulder thrust, the great Wolf leaned in close and snapped his massive jaws at the young wolf. 

“Your fault. You, with your games. You have never been what you should be. This ends, now.”

Lunging toward the young wolf’s throat, jaws gaping, the big wolf was surprised by the younger wolf’s shoulder in his chest. A fierce push set the bigger wolf back on his heels, and the two started circling each other. 

“So, the pup wants to play,” the older beast spoke with derision. “Come at me, then, pup.” 

Feinting toward the young wolf’s face, then snapping at his flank, the big jaws ripped a gash along the young wolf’s side. 

Falling back, then quickly jumping toward his sire, the cub bit down hard on the big wolf’s front leg. Blood filled his mouth as he shook his head, and he heard a cracking noise as the leg broke in his jaws. 

As he let go, the bigger wolf turned and closed his jaws on the young wolf’s neck, just behind his shoulders. 

A sharp scream filled the air then, and a grey blur from the sky became the falcon, swooping down and burying her talons in the great wolf’s eyes. As she pulled away the older wolf snapped his jaws up at her, and found purchase in her leg. Stabbing with her beak, the falcon ripped the great wolf’s face open as she flew out of reach. 

Wounded grievously and blinded, the great wolf snarled and snapped his jaws aimlessly, hopping in a circle with his broken leg lifted. 

The young cub closed quickly, sinking his jaws into the soft throat of the old wolf. Clamping down and shaking, the cub tasted his sire’s life passing through his jaws. 

Motionless on the ground, the great wolf died with a small whimper, and the young wolf backed away. 

Looking around, he spotted the falcon on a branch above. Bleeding from her leg, she looked down at the blood-covered wolf. She gathered her strength and leapt into the air with a short squawk. 

The smell of smoke and the crackling of flames consuming the forest got the cub moving. With a final glance at his deceased sire, he raced after the falcon, through the forest. 

Bleed me out on the side of a road


The Lithium Chronicles

I carry them with me,
little pieces I have broken off
of everyone I have
ever loved, and I tuck them
in the empty chambers of my heart,
but every now and then they ache
to be released and they flee
so fast they tear the walls
of my heart wide open, and I am left,
feeling all too familiar
like the car wreck on the side
of the road that grabs your attention
for a moment, burns tragedy
into your retinas, and then quickly
fades from your memories
and your rear-view mirror.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

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Sudden Denouement/Secret First Draft Divergent Literature Writing Contest

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

Sudden Denouement Literary Collective and Secret First Draft are holding a joint Writing Contest in the month of March to elicit new writers for the Collective.

Writing Prompt: March Madness

Unpublished/Original work

Each entry should be more than 50 words but less than 500

Each writer may submit 1 to 3 (maximum) pieces of writing for consideration

Submissions will be accepted: 3/1/2017 through 3/31/2017

Full prize information to be announced soon!

1st Place Winner will be granted membership in the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective

2nd, 3rd and 4th Place Runners-ups will be granted membership in the Secret First Draft Collective.

Send your submissions with your name, your pen name (if applicable), the address for your blog and a short biography (1 to 3 sentences to):

The Sudden Denouement Literary Collective and its sister sites Secret First Draft and The Whisper and The Roar are forums for divergent literature that we hope…

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And again and again, and the only part of life that almost everyone agrees upon is that it feels nice to have someone else pay attention to your genitals. 

This life is full of reasons and bargains and sneaky, back-room deals, the rich stay rich and the poor are here to be used. This political stance is good, that one is evil. Or, wait… Was it this one? What is evil? 

Relationships are not easy. Between two people, a thousand, 330 million, 7 billion. It’s difficult for us to be good to each other, because we all focus on what is good for us, first. As though we are animals. As though all of our philosophy and science and psychology don’t actually mean anything. As though we truly don’t care for anything past full bellies and orgasms. 

What a strange concept, the idea that we must participate in our own subjugation. Vote for your masters, vote against the masters you don’t like, but understand that you must have a master, and that is not up for a vote. You can abstain from the vote if you like, but remaining silent only makes you easier to exploit. 

Freedom isn’t free… Because freedom isn’t real. It doesn’t exist. There’s no frontier left. There’s no place to get away from those bastards… er… I mean masters. There is nothing to believe in, beyond a full belly and an orgasm. 


Why does it feel like selling my soul?


I never was a strong swimmer. 

Once upon a summer day, at a creek running cold in the hills of Oregon, my mother tried to teach me to swim. 

I was eight or ten years old, and terrified. She spoke reassuringly and calmly, telling me, just relax and push the water away, just go with the natural impulse of your body, feel the water and know that you are able to live in it, don’t be afraid, don’t fight against it. 

A few years before I had been in a canoe with my friend Kerri when she fell out. She didn’t swim. She sank. 

I watched. 

I froze. 

She was a few feet away and I couldn’t do anything. I watched silently, a part of my mind screaming but my throat closing with fear, she was dying and I was watching. 

Someone saw, the men came and saved her, and I say, not saying a word. Nobody ever said anything about it to me. Nobody tried to talk to me about that day, and to this day I have never stopped seeing the fearful look on her face as I watched her sinking. 

My mother’s words hit my mind and I tried to relax, tried to feel natural in the water. I was able to manage a few clumsy breast-strokes, enough to satisfy my mother, enough to get her to let me stop. 

I’ve never felt comfortable in the water. The stones in my heart pull me to the bottom, the weight of my soul drags me down and I freeze, cold and silent. Others tell me it’s fun, swimming and dancing in the water, and I, 

I watch. 

I have dreams where I’m swimming, faster and more strongly than a dolphin, flying under water as though it were my home, as though it was natural. 

In waking nightmares I feel my feet dangling in the water and I know, 

I just know, 

Something down there wants to grab me. Something is waiting to welcome me to silent oblivion, to the end of struggles, something wants me to sink. 

But I kick against it, I push it away. 

I may not ever feel natural in this life, or normal, or comfortable. I may never relax, always waiting for the next drowning in the darkness. I may not ever feel safe, or truly welcome in my life. 

I have never been a strong swimmer. 

I may not ever find my place, but…

I will not give in to the pull, the gravity calling me down to the darkness. 

I will reach out my arms, and sweep the water behind me, and kick hard against the weights behind me. 

I will make it to shore. 

The Meaning of Life

Here it is.

There is none.

Everyone wants the answer.

I’m not different… I want the show to finish on a high note. I want all the problems resolved and questions solved, mysteries revealed to be meaningful lessons. I want my beautiful masterpiece, my purpose defined.

I want… I want. 

It’s not coming. Click-bait and hope lead us to read mindless garbage as we waste our time on pointless exercises of discussion and on, and on, and on we go, until we stop like broken clocks. 

There is no meaning. 

There is no answer.

What a sad bunch of idiots we are, what arrogant monkeys. We believe in things for the simple reason that we want to matter, we want our suffered trials and tribulations to lead us to the promised land, where we finally find out why, why, 

Why do we live? 

Just because. 

Because we do, and we are. 

That’s it. That’s all. 

Life and death and philosophy and religion and art and music and all of these things are simply distraction. 

There is no point. 

Love… Love. The inspiration for everything, the motive for so much energy directed at nothing… It’s not tangible. Show me love and I’ll show you hurt. Show me love and I’ll show you hatred, and wounds deeper than the Grand Canyon, show me love and I’ll show you misunderstanding. 

There’s no point.

It is what it is. 

We are what we are, and that’s mostly…


There’s no answer. 

There’s no point. 

With Every Beat Of My Heart

I’m a walking, talking, breathing case of PTSD and that’s the truth. 

A survivor, a warrior… Sure. 

I’ve seen a lot, I’ve been through a lot, and that’s my story, my cross to bear. 

I do pretty well with it, I smile and I laugh and I love and I am loved. I can handle my problems, I can shine through my darkest days with energy and power. 

I fall.

I get up. 

I hurt.

I heal. 

What choice do I have? I can live or I can die, and I’ve chosen life. I choose life, every day. I choose to push through the brambles and emerge, bleeding but wiser, scarred but growing, I keep going. I will not stop, because I’m meant for more than where I’ve been, more than what happened to me. 

I’ve wept at gravesites and I’ve spoken at funerals about the moments of loss and grief, I’ve held a brand-new life in my hands and promised my lifelong devotion. I’ve been low and high, I’ve been bad and good, and I have suffered through trauma. I have experienced joy the likes of which most people only dream. I have lived this life regardless of obstacles, of disadvantages, I have lived and I will live and that is my choice. 

I am avoiding my point, because I am afraid of my feelings, this time. 

This time… I need the universe to throw me a bone, give me a break, let me have this one. Let me take this one home and keep it, let me win, this once. 

I won’t say what it is, but the stars and moon know my wish. 

I need this one. 

Please, whatever gods or cosmic powers there are, whatever design or designers exist, understand that I need this one. 

Please, hear me, hear me begging, with every heartbeat, hear me pleading for this one…

I need this one. 

Algebra and Frustration

I always thought I was good at math. 

I’m not. 

I was good at basic math, in elementary school, and past that I’m not great at remembering formulas, rules or shortcuts. As a college student I have been exemplary, in every subject and at every point in my academic career. 

Except for algebra. 

I have to see it worked out five or six times before I can do it myself, and I still don’t understand it when I can do it. 

I’m not unique in this shortcoming, many people struggle with math. Many smart and talented people are completely unable to learn the language of mathematics, 

(And I promise there’s a point here, I’m just taking the long way to get there)

I’m not good at not being good at things. 

I’m a poor loser and an arrogant student. I have trouble asking for help and I feel intense shame when I get low marks or (gasp) fail a class. I have a competitive side and that part of me is a real prick. 

I want to be a better man, a better writer, a better friend and husband and father and nowhere in that desire does quadratic equation help me, I can’t apply Pythagorean theorem to measure the sides of this triangle, where my love and my hate form the straights and my madness is the long, slanted hypotenuse and it’s all I can do to understand those terms myself, much less apply them in real time. 

I don’t like math, I don’t like the way it feels so slippery in my mind. It’s like trying to understand other people’s emotions or make them, make you, understand mine. 

But I try. 

I don’t understand, but I’m trying. I hope that I can pass this course, I hope that I can figure this out, before I graduate, or flunk out.