A Road Less Travelled

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The Lithium Chronicles

I walk softly around the edge of it.
I am afraid to breathe.
My fingernails cut a path through
my palms and I exhale slowly,
watching the mantras I have pulled from
my blood, pooling in my hands.
I lift my fists to my lips
and I place the chant on my tongue,
loud enough to drown the song in my head
and flush the insanity from my ears.
Oh, to watch words fall like stars
and glow at my feet.

One step, two step
tippy tap, blue step
Blue step? two-step!
Click your heels, new step.
New step? Fool step!
Cut your teeth through step.

This is the place where I have come undone,
and I walk softly around the edge of it.
I whisper quietly in this place,
to this place, that seeps
into my brain and swallows my light.
From a distance this place looks like home

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