Today I fought a battle
Like every day before
And tho’ I thought it’d never happen,
I have ended my private war

There have been too many lost
Scattered throughout the fields
Both sides inflicting grievous wounds
Neither willing to yield

The guns are all empty,
the air has grown quite still
I have signed a peaceful treaty,
No more blood will be spilled

My enemy has won the fight
I surrender without condition
I was told once that it would come
By a mystic’s premonition

I will not lift a finger to harm
One more time in this life
I’ve somehow lived through all of it,
This endless, painful strife

My enemy is now my friend,
We raise our voices in joy
One tired and weary older man
And one smiling little boy

Our quarrel was unjustified;
See, we never had cross words
We were fighting over silly things,
Some rumors we had heard

But now I see that I was wrong
To blame my valiant friend
He had it right all along
And now our fight can end

He is me, and I am him
From cross-sides of a mind
He feared my anger, rightly so
I feared leaving him behind

Tomorrow we start the business
Of reparation and rebuilding
We’ve got a lot of work ahead,
Plenty of holes that need filling

We’ll make it better, from here on out
And never fight again
He has shown me how to laugh
We’ll be together ’til the end

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