You’re a Good Kid

From the moment of first awareness until death, I only get to see life from one perspective.
It’s the same for you, no matter how empathetic you may be, no matter how understanding, you can never truly know what others think. Just what they say, what they do. All of that is interpreted by your mind, colored by your experiences, your emotions, so the truth is

there is not one TRUTH

everyone gets their own version

Knowing this doesn’t make much difference, right? We still have to interact with each other, to see ourself. I am formless without confirmation. There is a balance to be found, between how I perceive myself, and how you see me, and in the middle lies all of human history, societal standards, religion, politics, and all the other devices invented by humans. We are taught how to act, how to pretend to be a part of the collective. We are criticized and degraded when we step outside of the accepted norms, we are punished for shining our own light, instead of dimming to the lowest common denominator.

I ask of you a simple question, without an easy answer:
Can you, will you
put yourself first on your own list?
Some will say it’s selfish, and somehow wrong.
I wonder, if you do not put yourself first, if you always take care of another’s want before your own need,
who will put you first?
Is there another you, who will come to take care of your wants, while you see to someone else, and so on?

I can only live my life,walk my path, I can only see through my eyes.
It’s the same for you.
I want you to just consider for a moment,
being yourself.
I know that put up your defenses, saying that. What do I know about you? How could I say you are anything other than yourself?

What could I possibly know about hiding ?

Day by day,you bite down on the words you wanted to say. You stop yourself from showing the way you feel. You hide away that child that still lives inside you. You clamp down on the “foolish dreams” or ” silly feelings” or any of the cruel labels we put around our hearts.

Can you understand that nobody speaks for you, if you remain silent.
Nobody else can feel your feelings, nobody else can stand up to your attackers, and degraders, and conformers, nobody is going to save you from the costume you’ve put yourself into.

What do you look like, in your mind? In your heart? What did you want to be, when you were eight years old? When did you give up, and allow ” the rules ” to paint you to look just like everyone else?

It’s such a silly thing to say, You are unique, just like everyone else, but it’s true.
At least, in my version of life, it’s true.

I want you to do something today, that is only for you. Do something, say something, BE something, that is only for you. If you feel the desire, and see an opportunity, encourage someone else to do the same.

Love ya, kid.

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