Pieces of real people walking around, and nobody knows how to join the seams
Fragments of lives played on screens, entertained screams for the horror of false dreams
Negative images of myself marching through my thoughts,
No clue how to kill them
Too many holes and no amount of love can fill them
Burning coals too hot to touch behind sky-colored holes in my face, they see through me when nobody could ever perceive me, is there anyone to believe me, we could hang out
Dancing in the rain sounds like fun, but this desert evaporates under the sun all the vapors of ocean-sent memories, love-letters meant for me, why did you run?
Waves crashed and I thought zebras, not horses, I always wanted the mystical and magical catastrophes, mundane life wasn’t meant for me
Just stay… As the nights get longer and we are not getting stronger,
I have no right to request what I need, when what I need is killing you faster than I can write, just stay tonight, I’ll beg, I’m a disease and the cure is slow-acting as it climbs out of your imprisoned heart but I will
So, stay. Don’t promise me forever unless you mean every bit of everything I am is not disposable or replaceable, I can’t figure out how to keep myself stable, the aftershocks of too many collapsed buildings following me like a lost puppy,
I promise you eternity in each version of now that we find, we will take what we find and grow it, we will make sure the world knows it when we are not you and I
the music in your pulse is the space between my words and our we is better than any other version of us, in any parallel universes where we might have made easier choices or missed each other completely.
I ramble and rant and I hate the words as they fall, I pray to the gods on the walls of hidden temples that you will sift through complicated lines and find the simple hope, the bottom of the well shining reflections of the moon that we dance beneath
See past me, look away from you, gaze ahead to the horizon as the ocean rises past the sun,
can you see what we will have done?

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