‘Requiem of the Written’

and this world full of shit
can take from us our dignity
our words and emotions
can be rewritten and stolen
our hearts can be copied and falsified

they can pretend I never existed
and you, you were a figment of my imagination
as though that makes sense
you were imagined by someone
that didn’t exist

this place can steal my honesty
and rape your innocence
and defile what is sacred
and our language will be perverted
our intent will be misrepresented

and when they kill me
or when you die from their orchestrated
plague, nobody will read these words
and my plea will be obliterated

in this moment you can read these words
for one second I matter
to myself and to you
and that matters
right now

so when the motherfuckers erase my love
and they delete your hope
and my children are made to hate
all that I have known
I will toss and turn in my unmarked grave
and you will rail against your ashes
and we will both regret our lives

and I could say
that this moment of connection
means more than what will be lost

but I can’t
the lies are not mine to give

in the dying light
I speak
to nobody

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