As The Glass Breaks

There’s a whisper in a darkened room

outside the door a child screams and begs for mercy

There’s a smile on the side of a road

and a trembling hand taking one last touch at a wake

There’s a girl with her hair in a bow

and a message on a phone, saying, no

Ten thousand days seems shorter than it feels

you don’t always see if the fruit is rotten until you peel

Life is meant for living, for loving, for sharing fears and laughs

life is meant to be a teacher

and if you try to learn you will find there are always new lessons hiding behind the books that were closed, there is no graduation in this class

There’s a hand opened and reaching

and the sunlight illuminates a promise

A box of old letters, a chamber of unheard echoes, an old bag of new tricks, a messy room in a brand new house, one page misprinted upside-down in an unknown language

There’s a moment that will come

and the words will be spoken, but they will not be true

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