It’s Complicated

If things were easy I’d be bored.

I’m not a routine kind of guy, I like new, I like different, I like exciting.

The trouble with adventures is that they’re usually dangerous, if the hero isn’t in trouble then he/she/they aren’t really given opportunity to be heroic.

So life is mundane, life is ordinary, life is full of short term bullshit and long lasting damage.

How does a xennial man find adventure, how can a wanderer avoid being rooted?

I want all of the love, I’ll pay the price to find it all and I’m not talking about sex and I’m not talking about fame, I’m talking about real life love,

When I tell my friends what’s wrong in my life I hear a chorus of agreement,

We all have the same problems.

The rent is too high, the system is broken, the jobs don’t pay and the escape is too available

From old to young, near to far, we all see the same movies, we hear the same music

He wants more than a chance, he needs to sing and play and somehow find a way through the darkest hours of life, he wants to marry the pain and bring joy to his new wife, balance and experience, perspective and pride

this is the struggle from the inside

Can we get together on this one?

Who says we can’t start something new?

All it takes is a choice,

Denver to Fresno to Houston to Louisville to…?

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