A Safe Place

I moved my wife & boys to Houston on a wing and a prayer.
I found a job quickly, we got our own place and things seemed to be going well.
Then my wife fell and broke her leg. She has a displaced tibial plateau fracture in her left leg, which requires surgery to repair. They’re going to re-break her leg, screw plates to bone and rebuild her leg. After surgery she faces 6 months of recovery before she can start 12 months of physical therapy.
My job paid decently but did not offer health insurance. I tried to find private insurance and the cost was close to $700 a month just for my wife. I was making enough to pay our rent & bills but not enough to cover that premium.
In Texas there is no state assistance available for adults that make money- so Medicaid is not an option for us.
I found a job that offered affordable insurance, and I started there in July. At this point my wife’s leg has been broken for 5 months. My new job was going to save us, all I had to do was earn enough to cover the $2000 deductible and we could get her surgery done.

Ten days ago I hurt my leg. Because I’m new at my job, I’m not guaranteed more than 4 hours a day. That doesn’t come close to covering our rent, much less food or trying to save money for the surgery.

It’s time for tough decisions. I can send my wife and boys to California, to her sister. They can stay there while I try to find a place we can afford, I can rough it through life on my own and figure things out but I need help.

Airfare is expensive, everyone knows that. I’m asking for help to get my wife & sons to California, so we don’t end up on the street. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this situation and nothing has worked. We don’t have family to ask for help, so I’m hoping that you or someone you know will help us to get through this hard time.


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