I Will

I don’t need to apologise
but I will,
because something I said
or did, or did,
made you think I was a
decent fellow,
I hate to kill you,
I’d hate to die,
you seem a decent fellow as well

I have noticed some discrepancies
between the way life is
to me, to me
and the way it looks
when you paint

Are my eyes working poorly?

I’ve seen some nights
and some days
I’ve had my fun
and I’ve shed tears
and blood, and blood

Are my hands too dirty?

I shouldn’t have to explain
but I will, because unlike
those without legitimacy
my reasons have reasons
and I have seen some ugly
and I have been, I have been
I don’t name myself poet
and I don’t claim to be higher
than flying mountains

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
and nobody can say otherwise
and somehow,
you took that as a tidal wave
and your perception of society
left you with a rapid response
to anyone saying anything wasn’t beautiful

I’ve got eyes and a mind and I choose
and I’ve loved Van Gogh’s Starry Night
and I just don’t like Monet
Mona Lisa doesn’t do it for me
But there’s just something I can’t deny
about DanaΓ«

Am I allowed to like,
and dislike?

I can listen for hours
to Stevie Ray and Jimi
and I can go the rest of my life
without Mick

Am I offending society?

Ugly is an opinion
beauty is as well
you might take offense to what I do
but words I say will never tell
unless you can see the street
from inside my broken home,
we each have a life,
we both get to decide

I didn’t set out to upset apple carts
and my toes know the smashing

I feel I shouldn’t be suspect
because I hold my own truth,
my own truth
but I know how the breaking goes
so if I need to apologise,
if I need to explain,
if I’m suspect,
I understand and I don’t blame you
I don’t blame you

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