Involuntarily Annoyed

If you go through life thinking that you’re owed or entitled to anything, chances are you’re gonna have a meme-worthy hard time.

Rich people, most of them, are given their advantages. An accident of birth, born rich and sometimes famous.

Poor people, most of them, are given disadvantages.

Somehow, there are people on either side who join the other group.

The choices made in life will lead your feet down a road of colored bricks, and if you click your heels three times and say there’s no place like Beverly Hills, you could wake up rich, I suppose.

Involuntarily celibate is a misnomer, let’s have that straight from the start.

There are those who are involuntarily sexually active… They’re called rape victims, abuse victims, sex-trade slaves. People that have been forced to be fucked.

Celibacy is a choice.

It might not be a clear and prescient thought, I’m not gonna have sex.

It might be feeling like you are owed an orgasm and being insanely stupid about how you get it…

It might be the result of thinking that we, as humans, still follow the rules of animals.

Because you watch the Discovery Channel ®

and you see the Adult Male Lion with his pride of lionesses, and when he’s feeling frisky he grabs them and lays pipe. They respond by feeding him and bearing his spawn.

Or you’ve seen Peacocks, strutting around showing feathers and all the Peahens squabble over who gets to have his Peanut.

Well, what they don’t show on those programs is that in nature the weaker, stupider, less attractive males usually end up dead and alone, being deemed unsuitable to mate.

If you’re reading this and you are a member of the so-called incel movement then you’re on the right track, because you’re here. You’re trying to learn. Good job.

I know I’m probably just preaching to my choir, and you’re reading this saying… No shit.

That’s the thing about me… I am involuntarily verbose. I am compelled to speak and write my perspective. I am under some delusion wherin my opinions are somehow so important that they need to be saved, shared, the whole world needs to know what I think.

I’m InAnn. Involuntarily annoyed by all of the stupid, selfish, unreasonable over-entitled bullshit.

Here’s a message to spread, to any who feel entitled to sex,

but can’t get any…


Recognize the traits that people like. Recognize that you must be a person if you want to be accepted by other persons.

See those men who seemingly can’t avoid being wanted by women?

Are they constantly objectifying women, degrading them, insulting them, sitting alone talking to other sad rejects about how unfair life is?

See those women? Have you ever noticed that they’re just like real people? They have brains and emotions and thoughts and hopes and dreams and preferences. They have ideas and discernment. They have the ability to spot you, because you are the unwanted, the unworthy, you are the predatory beast they have been watching for their entire lives.

If you really want sex, and that’s your gripe… 1. There’s sex toys. 2. There’s even sex workers, unfortunately in most places they’re operating illegally for some stupid fucking reason, so that may not be an option. 3. There’s even your “incel” friends… They also want to fuck and they also can’t get laid.

Oh… What’s that?

1. Sex toys aren’t enough? Why not? They have fake vaginas and asses and vibrating, spinning, twirling, squeezing, even licking machines. They have stuff you won’t know you liked but then you use it and you learn about yourself, a little. Since that’s all that women are to you anyway, this should be okay.

2. Prostitutes offend you? You don’t think you should have to pay for it?

Do you really think that sex is free?

I’m not saying that it’s a business transaction. I’m saying there’s give and take. You offer and you accept. You earn trust and you serve. That’s called a relationship, kids.

3. Oh… Your incel friends are guys and you’re not a homo.

Well guess what, buddy… You’re left with two options here.

1. Go Fuck Yourself.

Find new and exciting ways to stimulate your genitalia. Be creative. Explore. Use lube. Use toys. Fuck a pie, apple or otherwise. Fuck some plastic toys. Fuck a hole in your wall. Fuck every inanimate object you can find. Get one of those proctology training devices and fuck an imaginary ass. There’s more ways than ever to fuck yourself. Please, use one.

2. Open Your Eyes.

Look around. This life is full of shitty shitheads doing terrible shit to each other. We have one thing in life that seems to make it worth all of the shit. Love.

We can love ourselves and we can love each other. We can share love and keep love and learn about love and love can help us learn about everything else.

If you want to have a meaningful life, try loving more. Try giving more. Try trying more.


If none of this appeals to you, and you are going to go kill or hurt people because you can’t find anyone of your choosing to play with your dick,

I have one final suggestion.

Before you take your anger out on innocent, uninvolved people, go to your nearest garbage sorting facility, find a big pile of waste and bury yourself there.

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