Meet Sudden Denouement Collective Member Sarah Doughty

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

The editors of Sudden Denouement Literary Collective know that our strength is our writers. We hope that you enjoy getting to know them through our new Writer Interview Series.

What name do you write under?

My name is Sarah Doughty and it is not a pseudonym. I wanted my real attached to my words, not just because it’s nice to see my name, but also as a means of showing I’m fully capable as a writer – which is something I was told I would never be able to do as a child. I very much wanted to prove that theory wrong. And I believe I have succeeded in that endeavor.

In what part of the world do you live?  

I live in Indiana USA, in a suburb just outside Indianapolis. It’s an interesting place to live, I’ll leave it at that.

Tell us about yourself. 

Writing has…

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Meditation- Kindra M. Austin

Kindra M. Austin is a personal favorite

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Shall I ascend to solitude,
eagle high
enough to spy
Put my metal parts to practice, and
train my reason to speak in
comprehensive sentences?

I presently think in blinks of
tainted photographs
our lives a fucking flip-book filled with phony animation, as
though we’ve never been anything more than a
pair of paper dolls pretending to breathe.

The surgeon lied. I am not bionic;
should’ve demanded a synthetic heart
Mine is afflicted with fissures, and
I feel the blood leaching like so many earthworms
smothering my organs.

My body is not a temple, but a churchyard—
your burial ground, and there’s no space reserved for
me. So ascend I shall,
eagle high

Kindra M. Austin is an indie author (her books can be found here), a founding member of Indie Blu(e), and a writer/managing editor at Sudden Denouement, Blood Into Ink, and Whisper and the…

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Play Dead – Introducing Kristiana Reed

So good

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

Monster is living inside of me

behind my ribcage,

she curls herself around my spine

draws her fingers to my throat

to stroke my collarbone,

to deliver raspy breath to my ear

repeating the words

on which I always choke –

my name, my wants, my needs,

my apologies, my fury –

and the dust from the bones

she’s grinding with a gummy jaw.

Sometimes she sinks down

to bask in the darkness of my womb,

recline in my pelvis

and drag her nails up my thighs

and down my calves, towards my feet

where she binds me with manacles,

shrieking maniacally

words garbled with my sins –

breathing, praying, hoping,

talking, waiting –

for this torture to end,

for Monster living in my head

and the hollows of my heart,

to vanish and leave me

to play dead.

Kristiana Reed day dreams, people watches in coffee shops, teaches English…

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Moonlight – Matthew D. Eayre

The Lithium Chronicles


I was asked by someone long ago what I wanted to be at two years old I wanted to be a goat, at six an FBI agent, at nine an author, at ten invisible, at eleven dead. At twelve I wanted to run away, at thirteen I wanted to be somebody’s child, at fourteen I wanted to be a sex toy for someone I chose, and at fifteen I wanted to be so fucking high I couldn’t remember my name. At sixteen I wanted to be anything at all to anyone, seventeen found me and I became a sex toy again. At eighteen I wanted to be anything that would pay my way, because I just wanted to be free of charge and up all night. What I wanted to be, what I was, the details get blurry. I’ve never had patience, I’m always in a hurry to get to…

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