Glass & Gale, pt II

The cub sat silently, watching the strange thing in the field.  It had been there for two days, not moving. The cub watched, sniffing the air for the scent of danger, as his sire had taught. Two days and no movement, yet the cub waited.  A soft breeze ran through the field and the tall… Continue reading Glass & Gale, pt II

Glass & Gale, pt I

"Hey, love." Matt looked up from the laptop screen to see Jennifer smiling at him. "I'm going to bed now. Will you be very long?" The twinkle in her eyes promised Matt that waiting too long would be a poor choice, as she smiled widely and raised one eyebrow. "I'll be right there, lovey. A… Continue reading Glass & Gale, pt I

What I Really Meant To Say

I meant to say, I love you, Mom. I was eleven and lying on the living room floor, and she was falling apart. Crying about life, about the difficulty dealing with my youngest brother. She poured out her heart, and then she had to go.  "I love you," she sobbed.  "Bye." The cold cruelty in… Continue reading What I Really Meant To Say