It was a dream. 

Waking from the revelation, electric currents racing through corporeal shell, the scenes played out faster than thought behind my eyes. 


Is what happened, it was there, you saw it, it was real. The connection made caused tremors and twitching fidgets in my hands as the moments lined up. 

A lesson, a gift, a loss. 


A lesson, a gift, a loss, another lesson. 

End scene. 

Here we have a goodbye, they smiled and I didn’t see them again. 

The pieces coming together showed me where they belong, this life is like a song and not one note was unintended, the music has changed but not ended, the watchers become the players and the dancers feel their hearts move with every lesson learned, every gift returned, every loss stacked so high that they cannot be measured with a human eye, I have seen heaven and it is 


She loved me, enough to feel my pain when it would have been easier to walk away. She loved me, enough to hide her fears when I drowned alone in my tears. She loved me, enough to come back, to come home, to bring me my life again. 

She loves me. She is mine, by her choice, she has taught me to use my voice. My life is full. My heart is strong. I have seen the meaning of life, the truth of love, the secrets of the universe, and the gift has been opened in my being, by two grey eyes and an abundant love, an unrelenting love, an unexpected love. 

I have seen heaven, and it is here. 

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