Follow the Thread


It isn’t difficult to understand.

Life is not easy. There will be pain, and lots of it, in rivers and oceans, more than can be measured.

There will be joy, in tiny pieces, not near enough to hold onto and spread around.

What matters is what is done with what’s given, not how you think but how you’re living. What matters is how you play the cards, what you do when times are hard, if you get up from the fall or if you surrender to it all, what really matters is if you stay and for how long, what will you do if you feel so wrong, and when life is right do you reach for the light or hide in the dark, searching for the memory of a spark.

Life is what it is, and that sentence is incomplete, while we fight and compete our lives are bought and sold for mountains of gold that won’t ever be free, I’m talking about you and me, we are commodities trading our time for the necessities of living, we take what they’re giving and never question the reasons, through all of our seasons we ignore what’s in plain sight…

The smile of your lover is the perfect cover on the book, if you will just look.

The laughter of your loved ones, your daughters and sons playing wild and free, the happiness of right now, if you can just find out how to see what’s there, the cupboards aren’t bare, we just need to share what we have, give what we can, and when we find a place,


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