Matthew D Eayre Poetry Collections

“It started when I was 6. My maternal grandmother we called Mama Mere, and she loved literature. She wrote for pleasure and for purpose for most of her life. She taught me to love the words, to hear their voice and how certain words ask to be used along with the words they love. I will never forget the lessons she gave me; she was my first reader and fan.

My wife took the spark of creative energy I have carried my whole life and channelled it, showing me how to love her in poetry. My Jennifer, my burning rainbow, my hurricane-poet, my silent star. She inspires me to be a better thing, to find a way to grow some wings, she lifts me up.
Poetry is everywhere, in all facets of life, and, I write it down.”

– Matthew D Eayre


Matthew Eayre’s first published poetry collection,┬ábeautifully titled, ‘Reaching for the Light’, has received worldwide critical acclaim from his legions of fans.

Praise for Matthew D Eayre and
Reaching for the Light’

Matt is an extraordinary person who writes from the core of his soul. His words are truthful and soulful and they resonate with me, deeply. Whether he is writing about beauty, pain, or ugly truths, he holds nothing back, and it’s gorgeous. – Nicole Lyons

From His soul to all of ours! Thank You! So many times I have cried or smiled because I felt his words and I lived them. – Kathleen Madonna OConnor

This man writes from his soul and deeply touches mine. – Jean Pflieger

I thought some feelings can’t be expressed through words….
I was wrong!!! – Raja Nagaraj

Matt reaches deep down into the pot of emotions and lays them bare. All I can say is thank you for sharing yourself with us! – Karishma Kalathil

Reaching for The Light is available for purchase here.

Matthew is currently writing his second collection of poetry tentatively titled ‘Promises and Hurricanes’, stay tuned for release dates.